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Kimbo Slice Scorpion King 3

Supposedly, since the debut of Kimbo’s new big hit film, Scorpion King 3, tons of people have begun to understand he is a legit celebrity with many gifts. Over the years, Slice has been in over five films.

Right now, Kimbo Slice’s agent Mr. Imber tells us they have met with actor Kevin Connelly to entertain the idea of a film about Kimbo’s life. The plan is to make the Mr. Slice biography film into a epic opening for fight fans in the US. So, keep an eye out because the Kimbo Slice film will be at a the movies by you quickly.


News Featuring Icey Mike


Mike Imber might be best known for his work for Kevin Kimbo Slice Ferguson. Not only is Mike Imber Kevin Kimbo Slice’s manager and promoter, he is a long time friend.


You can hardly read about Kimbo Slice without hearing about Icey Mike Imber. In just a few short years, Mike Imber has helped Kevin Kimbo Slice Ferguson go from a viral video star, to a UFC fighter and now a pro boxer.

Aside from all the work he does with Kevin Kimbo Slice Ferguson, Mike Imber also does a ton of charitablework in the local community. His most recent mission involves raising awareness for Autism through several different events. For more news on everything having to do with Mike Imber, keep coming back here for more on Mike.

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